Go Culebra Camping At The Best Beach
Of The Island: Flamenco Beach


Culebra Camping is definitely your option if you love to be in contact with nature and/or if you are a budget traveler.

What better way would there be to fully enjoy one of the best beaches of the Caribbean and perhaps, of the world? Yes, you can go camping to Flamenco Beach. In fact, camping is only permitted at this beach on Culebra island.

But there are a few things you need to know before you pack, so keep on reading..


Reservations are usually not needed to go Culebra camping but if you’re coming on a holiday or during summer and want to make sure you have a space then you can call (787)742-0700. They charge $30.00 dollars per tent and per night for up to a maximum of 6 people.

If there is someone in the group with a physical disability or who is older than 60 years (that can prove it with an identification!), then they will charge you $10 dollars per night, per tent for 6 people.

The office is located at the entrance of the beach to the right side.

Check in begins at 8:00 a.m. and check out is at 4:00 p.m.

Campground Facilities

The campground has: showers, bathrooms (pack toilet paper just in case!), potable water cisterns, BBQ pits, security guards, and even a basketball court.

There’s no electricity on the camping areas, only at the basketball court. You can charge there your cell phone or any other electronic device, but you cannot connect extensions because they will be removed.

There are five camping areas designated with a letter, from letter A to E.

  • Area A: For families
  • Area B: For young adults and singles
  • Area C: For young adults and singles
  • Area D: The management decides
  • Area E: Quiet area

Although the areas have been classified like this, the management reserves the right to assign the camping area for you.


If you are not in the mood of cooking, there’s no need to worry. There are several food stands or kiosks at the entrance of the campground were you can buy something to eat.

If you would like to go to town and eat at a restaurant you can do that too. If you don’t have a car or didn’t rented one (or a golf cart, scooter or bike) then you can use the service of a bus or taxi.

They are usually parked at the entrance of the beach up to around 5:00 p.m. If you want to go to town later than 5:00 p.m., just make sure that you collect a few telephone numbers from the bus drivers to call them later. Or make an arrangement with one of them during daytime.

The #1 Enemy At The Campground

Nobody’s perfect and Culebra isn’t either. Our #1 enemy is very small but very persistent: mosquitoes. They’ve been a problem ever since the first colonizers arrived to Culebra.

They are typically more abundant during the sunrise and the sunset hours and after periods or rainy days. The government usually takes care of them by fumigating all over, but don’t just rely on this.

Grab different kinds of insect repellents (area repellents and personal repellents) especially the strongest ones, and bring them with you. That way you’ll have a peaceful and joyful Culebra camping experience.

Best Times To Go Culebra Camping

The high season times when many people come visit Culebra are the following:

  • The months of June and July, and the first part of August
  • Holiday weekends
  • The time of the year puertorricans call ‘Semana Santa’ or Holy Week, celebrated during the months of March or April.

The low season times are the following (excluding the holidays of course):

  • From September to the first part of December
  • From mid January to May

You choose what you like the most: hanging around lots of people, music, laughter, etc., or a quiet and peaceful place to relax.

Culebra Camping Rules

Here are a few rules you must obey while you are camping at Flamenco beach:

  • You can only use the camping area that the management assigned you.
  • At all times you must respect Culebra’s wildlife and vegetation.
  • Put the trash in the trash cans, don’t bury it.
  • Fires are not permitted, but you can use the BBQ pits.
  • Turtles nest at Flamenco beach at certain times of the year. So, please don’t use flash lights on the beach (only with a red lens if you must); it’s ok to use them at the campground area. And please, don’t disturb the areas identified as turtle nests.
  • Glass containers, electric generators, extension cords, animals, and motor vehicles are not allowed either at the beach or at the camping areas.
  • Please, be considerate of your camping neighbors and avoid loud music, noise after 11:00 p.m., excessive drinking, foul language and nudism.
  • Sleeping on the beach area is not permitted.

Hope this information helps you have the best Culebra camping experience.

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