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The greatest beach vacations are awaiting you at Culebra, Puerto Rico. If you love the beach as much as I do you'll have an awesome time here. Culebra is a municipality of Puerto Rico. It is an island located on the east of Puerto Rico.

This little island has many spectacular beaches, but it also has the best beach of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean: Flamenco Beach.

Flamenco Beach left view

It is almost unspoiled. It has been kept as natural as possible. Nature conservation is very important here.

I absolutely love the beach, just like you! I've always had, even though I grew up in a valley of Puerto Rico... surrounded by mountains!!

It was beautiful growing there. But the beach has always been a refuge, an escape from the stressful times. It is a place to have fun and relax and have the greatest vacations!

So when my husband and I moved to Culebra a few years ago I felt I was in Paradise! We really enjoy the peacefulness, the tranquility and the slow-paced lifestyle you can have here.

But you know what I love the most... yeap, you guessed it... the beaches and the outstanding water views all over the island.

Culebrita Cay View

The years we've been living in this beautiful island have equipped us with lots of information YOU need to have the greatest Beach Vacations.

For example throughout the website we will be explaining:

  • How to get here as smoothly as possible.
  • Which are the best places to stay according to your budget and desires.
  • When are the best times to come.
  • And so much more...

So, don't be shy. Jump right in... the water's just fine!!

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Contáctenos. Siéntase en la libertad de contactarnos si necesita ayuda o tiene alguna pregunta sobre las mejores vacaciones de playa en Culebra que tendrá pronto.